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Status Certificate Ordering Instructions & FAQ

Due to COVID19 we encourage Status Certificate order payments be made online, as couriering cheques may cause delays due to reduced office hours.

As Section 76, (3) of the Condominium Act, 1998 states: “The Corporation shall give a Status Certificate within 10 days after receiving a request and payment of the fee charged by the Corporation for it.”

So long as payment is made promptly however, we will count order turnaround from the date you email your order details. If you require sooner than 10 days, see FAQ 3.


It is your responsibility to communicate with the other parties involved in the sale and ensure your order is not a duplicate. Usually the Status Certificate is ordered by the buyer's lawyer.

All queries in relation to Status Certificate requests are to be sent to after reviewing the FAQ.

Please check your spam/junk mail folder as emails from our office and have both been flagged as such by other email providers. There should be an option to mark our emails as “not junk” or “safe”.

If you are not sure whether we manage the condominium corporation, you can check the registry per FAQ 9.

Please have the following information ready for your order.

For realtors/law offices, preferably send a formal order on letterhead, attached as a pdf such as you would have faxed previously.

To assist processing please use the CCC_Unit as the file reference in your email-subject. For example if the condominium corporation is 234 and the unit/suite is 111, use: 234_111 Status Certificate Request

Purpose of order: [Purchase/for the purchaser or Sale/for the vendor (see FAQ 4&11) or Financing]
Vendor/Owner: [or Mortgagee]
Purchaser: [or Mortgagor, or TBD]
Address: [Suite/unit# – Street Address]

Condo Corporation #:
Legal Unit/Level (suite/dwelling*):
Parking Legal Unit/Level**:

Locker Legal Unit/Level**:
Closing Date: [or TBD. This is not the conditional date, see FAQ 3]
File No.: [your internal office reference #, if any]

*Please note: The legal unit description is not the suite#. The legal level is not always the same number as the floor your unit is on, and the legal unit may be a different number than you would assume. You must check your LRO (Land Registry Office) registration/ownership documentation if necessary, to confirm.

**Please note: Older condominiums had locker and/or parking spaces assigned to each unit, but the newer units sell lockers and/or parking with their own designated legal unit # and associated monthly condo fees. Please advise me exactly which unit(s) [if any]  are being sold/purchased with the suite. If you are aware the associated parking/locker is not being sold with the suite, we will need to be advised to which other suite it will be sold/moved to so we may adjust our records and fees. Below ground legal levels are usually A, B, C etc. See FAQ 5.



Payment by e-Transfer:

We are now able to receive e-Transfers. There is a non-refundable $5 fee for each transaction to be added to every payment.

$100+$5.00 for regular 10-day service 

$200+$5.00 for rush service (must be preapproved)

$100+$5.00 to upgrade existing order to rush service. ($210 total, must be preapproved)

Before you send payment, send your full order details to after which I will provide you the correct email address to send payment, so I am able to tie an order to every payment received.

Please note: We cannot accept payments with a password to the email I will provide.

Our bank is set up for auto-deposits, please check with your bank whether they require passwords on payments. Generally the big banks do not require passwords but smaller banks/credit unions might. See for more information:

The documentation will be emailed to you after approved/finalized for release.


Payment by Credit Card:
We are set up to take orders through the service The request process takes 1 minute. Simply select the appropriate corporation (see FAQ 1), suite#, and pay online. The regulated fee for a Status Certificate is $100. is a third party service that charges an additional convenience fee of approximately $40.00 for hosting/online delivery allowing you to digitally save the documents, email, share or print copies as required and is more efficient and economical than courier.

You will receive an email notification within 10 days with the secure links to download the completed Status Certificate. For help with searching, payments, signing up or logging in, SHIFT – A Division of D-Tech Consulting provides technical assistance at 1-855-489-5972. Please email us the order information in advance if you are not able to receive same-day assistance. We do not have rush service auto-enabled for orders, you must contact our office first per FAQ 3. For questions about an order you placed, contact our office

Email from  will sometimes get flagged as Junk or Spam (please mark it as safe), however you can always log in and see if your status certificate is available. Please disable any pop-up blocker for this website.


Payment by Cheque:

Alternatively, we will require the formal Status Certificate request and $100 cheque or money order payable to CI Property Management to be couriered to our office before we begin processing. Please first confirm we manage the condominium corporation, and forward a copy of your request/order details to so that we can initiate the order as soon as you confirm payment is en route. Please note the CCC_UNIT on the payment, and include the formal request document as detailed above.

Send payment with your request to:
Attn: Status Certificate
CI Property Management

1200 Prince of Wales, Suite D
Ottawa, ON
K2C 3Y

Our reception hours are 9:00am-4:00pm Monday-Wednesday, and 9:00am to 11:00am Thursday. There is alternatively a secure after-hours dropbox next to our front door. Within 10 days you will receive the Status Certificate documents by email. So long as payment is sent promptly, we will count the 10 days from the date you emailed the request.

Note: We do not accept payment by regular mail. If you choose to mail us payment, then the 10 day turnaround will be delayed and we will not be able to advise the release date until receipt of payment is confirmed. Between possible Canada Post delays and our internal processing with COVID protocols, there is no guarantee on the turnaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I search for Condominium Corporations at
Please enter only the 2, 3 or 4 digits of the corporation number when searching for the corporation at, then select the CCC/OCCC/OCSCC option that pops up. If you cannot find the corporation, we may not yet have it uploaded to the website. Please see FAQ 9 for further information.

2. I ordered a Status Certificate, when will it be ready?
Section 76, (3) of the Condominium Act, 1998 states: “The Corporation shall give a Status Certificate within 10 days after receiving a request and payment of the fee charged by the Corporation for it.” If you require it sooner than 10 days, see FAQ 3 for ordering a rush service. If your condition for review falls on or shortly after the 10th day, you may not be providing yourself sufficient time to review all documentation.

3. I want to get my Status Certificate earlier than 10 days. How do I do this?
If you require the Status Certificate in less than 10 days, there is an additional rush processing fee of $100.00. Please email us immediately to discuss arrangements at, as we can only accept rush requests at the start of the order process, not in the middle of the 10 day turnaround. Any rush requests must be pre-approved by email as some Status Certificates are subject to variables that may cause delays and require the full 10 days to process. You must acknowledge agreement is an additional $100 fee for rush service in your query and specify when you require the Status Certificate. Standard rush is 5 days; we cannot do same-day turnaround. Once you request a rush on your order, you cannot rescind as we will put time into the process. Our workloads are changing from week to week so you cannot tentatively ask in advance. If your condition for review falls on or shortly after the 10th day, you may not be providing yourself sufficient time to review all documentation. Do not send us any Status Certificate request with closing dates or conditional dates that fall within the 10 day period unless pre-approved for a rush. Do not order your Status Certificate as a 10 day order if you need a rush.

4. I am selling my property, can I provide a copy of my Status Certificate to buyers?
When selling your condo, it is beneficial to order a Status Certificate for your unit that you may review with your realtor, however please note that the party that orders the certificate (directly or through a law office or realtor) is allowed to use the information and is with whom we have a liability relationship with regards to the information. A third party cannot hold us liable (i.e. the seller cannot provide their Status Certificate to a new buyer in lieu of ordering a new Status Certificate. Each potential buyer should obtain their own copy).

Note: If you are listing your unit but not ordering a Status Certificate for yourself, you may wish download the standard attachments from the owner portal on our website and obtain a current statement for your unit to review with your realtor. You may contact for more information. Where there is a discrepancy, information provided in the Status Certificate overrides information provided prior.

5. How should I order Status Certificates for multiple units located at the same corporation?
Status Certificates are issued 1 per suite/dwelling/commercial unit. We are only legally liable for the Status Certificate ordered for a particular unit. You will therefore need to order separate Status Certificates, one for each unit. We can provide a statements of accounts for additonal units upon receiving written request from the owner of those units. Please discuss with your lawyer.

Note: We require the additional parking and locker legal units when a Status Certificate is ordered for a suite/dwelling/commercial unit, so long as those units were registered together under the same seller/suite. We will need to be advised of all parking and locker legal units being sold/purchased separate from the suite, even though it will not be included in the status certificate, as in most cases the monthly condominium fees are affected by those sales/purchases.

6. Who do I speak with about questions regarding the Status Certificate I’ve received?
The property manager's contact information is on page 2 of the Status Certificate, to send Follow-up Questions to the Status Certificate. Please remember to include the CCC_Unit to avoid delays.
If you believe there is a typo in the status certificate, you may reply to for correction.

7. How do I get additional documentation that was not included in the package?
We issue standard documentation for the Status Certificate requests. Any additional documentation or special requests in relation to your Status Certificate order must be requested clearly and separately as an additional request, by email to
Standard documentation is the Declaration, By-Laws, Rules, Audit, Budget, Insurance, Form 15/Notice of Future Funding. Depending on the condominium there may also be Agreements, and other additional attachments.
Note: When we send you the final and approved Status Certificate, the linked documents are the generic attachments supplied with all orders but are too large to physically attach all to the email without potential issues (email programs will sometimes block oversized emails, etc). However the documents that are specific to the unit/your order are attached, not linked. Therefore if you are sharing the order with another person, you must forward with attachments. Some email programs will also show the links also as attachments so please double check your email before contacting us about missing files.

8. I ordered a Status Certificate, how do I get an update before the closing?
The property manager's contact information is on page 2 of the Status Certificate if you would like to obtain updated information on the account status, or other informal inquiries. If you require a new updated formal Status Certificate, please order a new copy following the instructions above.

9. I thought you managed a property that I cannot find on
Refer also to FAQ 1.

With the new Condominium Act, Condominium Corporations are to be registered with the Condo Authority of Ontario. If you go to

Select region CARLETON (do not use Ottawa) and enter in the condo number, and that should pull up a record showing the current management.

It should generally be correct unless the condominium corporation are in the process of changing their management company.

If the registry confirms we are the current management please email with your order, and request to pay by credit card.
You may also wish to obtain a copy of The Official Condominium Registry which is available at

10. Can I get the status of an order made by another office, or find out if a Status Certificate was ordered for a particular unit?
The Status Certificate processing department only discusses Status Certificates on order with the party who paid for the order. If you are querying about an order you did not make, please contact the party responsible for submitting the request. Usually the Status Certificate is ordered by the buyer's lawyer. Any general queries by owners about their unit sale should be directed to their property manager.

11. Can I get a copy of the Status Certificate ordered by the potential buyer of my unit?
The Status Certificate belongs to the party that ordered and paid for it, we cannot share it. You will need to order your own copy. Please see FAQ 4 for related details.

12. Tips on printing the documents?
The Status Certificate documents at times have a mix of legal and letter size pages. When you are printing, under Size options choose "Shrink oversized pages." Where possible, you can print "double-sided and staple". Please reconsider printing; most pdfs we provide are searchable and have some items bookmarked for quick reference.

13. Who pays for the monthly condominium fees for the month in which the condominium unit is sold?
Whoever is the owner on the 1st of the month is responsible to pay the full fees for that month; if the closing date is the 1st, the buyer pays the fees due that date. The lawyers are to arrange compensation for any condo fees based on the sale date in their adjustments to purchase prices calculations. If the seller chooses to pay for the first month on behalf of the buyer, we will require that in writing ideally on legal letterhead for our records, but prefer that standard protocol is rather followed.

14. How do I provide notice of sale?
When a Status Certificate is ordered, a Documentation for the New Owner package is provided with the Status Certificate that includes payment instructions. Buyers should be obtaining all the documents provided with the Status Certificate from their lawyer. Please email if you do not have the Documentation for the New Owner package from your lawyer. You will need to return to us these completed forms in order to book your move-in.

The seller should be providing 30 days notice to cancel PAP payments or stop cheques, however we can usually process with 10 days notice. See FAQ 13.

The law office should provide confirmation of sale to our office on their letterhead and/or preferably a copy of the Land Registry Office (LRO) Transfer which specifies any parking or locker units also purchased.

Any mortgagee should be using the prescribed forms Notice Related to Record of Mortgagees and Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically from  

These sale confirmations and forms should be sent to

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