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Merger creates innovative powerhouse in the National Capital Region’s residential condo management

Ottawa – Dan Fried, owner of Capital Concierge and Yawar Khan, CEO of Integral Property Management, announce the merger of their two companies and the creation of Capital Integral Property Management.

The new company manages over 72 million square feet of residential condos in the National Capital Region with a value of about $835 million.

The new company will continue to offer a “personal touch” to its clients while bolstering its offering in key areas:

  • Information technology;

  • Financial oversight services; and

  • Troubleshooting.

Existing clients will immediately start seeing benefits of the merger while the transition is occurring. The new company will continue to offer quick, effective and knowledgeable services to its clients.

Prospective clients will see Capital Integral as being one of the largest providers of residential condo property management services with a focus on innovation and technology.

“We created Capital Integral through this merger in order to strengthen the services offered to our existing clients and attract new clients,” said Dan Fried, the CEO of the new company.

The new company employs 24 people in the National Capital Region and the combined companies have seen an annual growth rate of 31% over the last five years.

Together, senior management of the new company has attended over 2,300 board meetings and 500 annual general meetings of condo corporations.

Capital Integral is also the only carbon neutral property management company in Canada, making a commitment to its clients, the community and future generations.


For further information, call: Kristin Baldwin at 613-562-1777 or email at

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