I began working with Capital Integral back in 2015 and started working at reception. I worked my way up to assistant manager within a year and a half.


I was able to quickly work my way up with the help of my co-workers and managers who will offer you help, guidance and support to help you succeed in this company.


Capital Integral offers you external courses and internal training classes making sure you are given the knowledge and tools that you need to succeed.


This company has a strong team environment. We are not only co-workers here but also a family.

After 22 years in the restaurant industry, and ready for a change in my career, Capital Integral provided the opportunity to grow in a new industry.

I was already very comfortable with customer service, but I didn't have any administration experience when I started. I was able to start at reception, gain admin experience, then, assume responsibility for the management of small condos (1-10 units), while assisting with larger buildings.

While raising 2 children I was able to take online courses, at my pace, offered through the Association of Condo Managers of Ontario (ACMO). As a result, I have become one of the leading Property Managers at Capital Integral. I now manage 5 buildings, representing approximately 800 units.

Because Capital Integral employs a cloud-based system, I have been able to work from home, when necessary, and can always be there for my family when sick or on PD days. I have even been encouraged to take part in field trips. There is a strong belief that family comes first with the management team, and the company has held numerous social events where all family members are invited.

After 6 years of working with Dan Fried, there is no doubt in my mind I picked the right company to grow with.

Mathan R.

Assistant Property Manager

Working for Capital Integral is a privilege. When I started, I had little to no knowledge of the property management industry. I'm happy we have a such well trained and friendly staff, eager to teach me what I need know about property management. Its a great atmosphere to work in and I am proud to say that I do enjoy working for Capital Integral.

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Current Positions

October 10, 2017

Condominium Property Manager

Capital Integral Property Management has an opening for an experienced Property Manager with expertise in Condominium Management. We are looking for someone who is client focused and will communicate a positive

image of the company both internally and externally, a team player. A valid Drivers’ License and vehicle is required for this position.



The specific duties and responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to the following:

  • Set maintenance specifications for all major contracts for approval by the Board and enforce maintenance standards and conduct contractor performance reviews with the Board as required;

  • Carry out weekly inspections to update the Board (in writing) on a monthly basis;

  • Supervise contractors, arrange work schedules and monitor contractors’ performance;

  • Develop and maintain contracts with all trades as required by the condominium and maintain a contractor vendor service log containing contract amounts and commencement and expiration of services being performed;

  • Inspect and follow-up repairs on resulting from any insurable loss with all parties;

  • Ensure all maintenance logs and checklists are kept up-to-date, e.g. elevators, pools, whirlpools and operated in accordance with all applicable legislation;

  • Establish a preventative maintenance program relating to all physical aspects of the building including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire safety systems;

  • Assist in the tendering process for supplies and services including the development of specifications;

  • Maintain and update the Building Fire Safety Plan;

  • Ensure insurance and WSIB certificates for vendors are maintained and kept current;

  • Work diligently to resolve deficiency issues in collaboration with declarants so that common expenses of the Corporation are not spent on deficiency items without the approval of the Board;

  • Prepare and review the Corporation’s annual budget in consultation with the Board including the review of the Reserve Fund;

  • Oversee the collection of common element fees;

  • Review the financial statements, balance sheet and general ledger for the Condominium(s) prior to distribution to the Board;

  • Enforce the Declaration, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and policies of the Board;

  • Direct and supervise any and all persons engaged to work at the property and hire or discharge such persons with approval from the Board;

  • Respond in writing to all Board members and residents in a timely manner;

  • Assist the Board in establishing committees (when required) and with all Annual General Meetings and monthly meetings, including attending such meetings; and

  • Notify the appropriate personnel of complaints originating from the Board or residents with respect to any aspect of the maintenance of the Condominium or any other issue.


To succeed, candidates must possess the following combination of education, experience and skills:

  • 3+ years of experience in the condominium or residential property management field;

  • French an asset

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills;

  • Superior interpersonal and customer service skills;

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft products( MS Word and Excel); and

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a deadline-driven environment.


Job Type: Full-time

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