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I began working with Capital Integral back in 2015 and started working at reception. I worked my way up to assistant manager within a year and a half.


I was able to quickly work my way up with the help of my co-workers and managers who will offer you help, guidance and support to help you succeed in this company.


Capital Integral offers you external courses and internal training classes making sure you are given the knowledge and tools that you need to succeed.


This company has a strong team environment. We are not only co-workers here but also a family.

After 22 years in the restaurant industry, and ready for a change in my career, Capital Integral provided the opportunity to grow in a new industry.

I was already very comfortable with customer service, but I didn't have any administration experience when I started. I was able to start at reception, gain admin experience, then, assume responsibility for the management of small condos (1-10 units), while assisting with larger buildings.

While raising 2 children I was able to take online courses, at my pace, offered through the Association of Condo Managers of Ontario (ACMO). As a result, I have become one of the leading Property Managers at Capital Integral. I now manage 5 buildings, representing approximately 800 units.

Because Capital Integral employs a cloud-based system, I have been able to work from home, when necessary, and can always be there for my family when sick or on PD days. I have even been encouraged to take part in field trips. There is a strong belief that family comes first with the management team, and the company has held numerous social events where all family members are invited.

After 6 years of working with Dan Fried, there is no doubt in my mind I picked the right company to grow with.

Mathan R.

Assistant Property Manager

Working for Capital Integral is a privilege. When I started, I had little to no knowledge of the property management industry. I'm happy we have a such well trained and friendly staff, eager to teach me what I need know about property management. Its a great atmosphere to work in and I am proud to say that I do enjoy working for Capital Integral.

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