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CVOID 19 Update -May 28th


Dear Residents,


As we have mentioned in the past, CI Property Management continues to plan for the new normal, whatever that may look like. We are working and testing several possible new normal scenarios in hopes of fine-tuning CI's response and readiness as well as your Corporation's. 


We have all learned much during this pandemic, and one aspect that has become clear from this pandemic and the time we are all spending at home, is that we need, especially in the Property Management industry, to allow our team to spend more time with the people who are important to them.  As a result, we will be closing our offices every Friday for all but emergencies starting June 1st and continuing until the Labour Day Weekend.


Important Recommendation


Anyone in isolation should not be walking around the building doing things such as disposing of garbage, checking mail, etc.  Arrangements need to be made to help.  If you need help doing any of these basic things please reach out to us at  Please be sure to tell us not only your unit number but your Condominium Corporation or street address where you live.  Self-isolation has been mandated by the Federal Government under the Quarantine Act for all people returning from travel outside of Canada. 




If you have missed an update, or you wish to re-read them we have compiled a list of past updates.  This can be seen here.



  1. No exchange of paper products ( cash, cheques, or forms) will be accepted at our head office, site offices, or drop boxes.  All of these must be done electronically.  It is your responsibility to ensure payments and forms continue to be received by your Property Management company.

  2. Do not flush disinfectant wipes down the toilet.  There is a real danger of causing a blockage in your sewage drainage pipes resulting in backups and unit flooding.  Please dispose of disinfectant wipes in the garbage.

  3. Please do not gather in the common areas of the building as this goes against physical distancing recommended by the authorities.

  4. Please advise us if you are self-isolating or need assistance during this situation.  The email address to use for this communication is

  5. Window washing and garage cleaning cannot be completed until after restrictions on essential work are lifted



Throughout this situation, CI Property Management continues to operate our emergency service 24 hours a day.  What constitutes an emergency has not changed.  Please use this service appropriately.  If the situation calls for Police, Fire or Ambulance intervention please call 911 first.  



  • CI Property Management head office is closed, staff are still working full time from home

  • No paper will be exchanged, this includes forms, cheques, or cash.  All payments must still be made, but they must be made electronically.  For information on how to do this please contact your site office by email at _________________or email our head office at

Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario

COVID-19 Should your Corporation be holding Owners’ meetings

Friday, March 13, 2020

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